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audio recordings that evoke the country, the people and their languages and the diversity of the music of the ethnic cultures



ethnic languages


a discussion a group of women discussing before they sing 429KB
chat two girls who sell noodles from a roadside stall 497KB
New Year two men are chatting while the rockets are fired into the air in celebration 796KB
getting ready for a dance a group of dancers try and sort themselves out 536KB
getting ready to sing two musicians sort out what they are going to sing 642KB
getting ready to play a group of musicians sort out what they are going to play 979KB
getting ready to sing a group of women sort out what they are going to sing 408KB
before a teum a group of animated villagers sit round the communal pot of whisky 1MB
chatting a group of musicians relax after playing 1.5MB
a spirit calling ceremony a shaman conducts the ceremony with the occasional interruption 1.2MB
conversation before singing 660KB
phone conversation Pha Aw talking to his brother 376KB
explanation Pha Aw explaining what a song is about 524KB
prayer a man offers prayers to the ancestors accompanied by domestic noises 2.1MB
New Year jollity animated talk amongst a group of revelers 1.2MB
a spirit house building ceremony a shaman conducts the ceremony against a background of conversation 1.2MB
before the song the leader organises the musicians 320KB
child crying a mother tries to pacify her child before singing 504KB
discussing what to sing three singers agree on what to sing 931KB
Pa O    
whispered conversation a group of singers sort things out during their song 787KB


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music of Thailand's ethnic cultures





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