sounds of Thailand




audio recordings that evoke the country, the people and their languages and the diversity of the music of the ethnic cultures





  thai boxing the commentator is always accompanied by a shawm 493K
  street parade an out of tune school band gives way to the more usual sounds of gongs, drums and cymbals 2.9MB

village football match

players outnumber spectators in this mountain village against a background of thunder 363K
procession drums, gong and cymbals accompany a procession to the temple 1.6MB
temple procession another procession with drums, cymbals and shawm


Lisu New Year's dance 1 dancers shuffle round in a circle to the music of a reed pipe 1.8MB

Lisu New Year's dance 2

a banjo provides the accompaniment 1.3MB
Lisu New Year firecrackers the explosions echo around the hills 1.5MB
Lisu New Year celebrations raucous jollity punctuated by loud firecrackers


Lisu New Year song a group of young woman enjoying themselves- you can hear their jewelry tinkling as they move round in the dance


a cock fight oblivious to the suffering of the animals, onlookers shout out their bets, cheer on their favourite and hurl insults at the opposing camp 1.8MB
opening ceremony a chaotic Lion dance celebrates the opening of a new office block


house blessing ceremony recorded in a Chinese Haw village on the Burmese border- the musicians go from house to house through the village

WARNING: there are some very loud firecrackers  


Hmong New Year someone plays a reed pipe as children get ready for the parade; two women playing leaves walk past and a couple of old men talk while rockets soar into the air


extract from Lahu soul-calling ceremony the first extract is a shaman chant; the second a prayer


  ceremonies in honour of the spirits extracts from real ceremonies with shamans and chorus of villagers 3.3MB
  a wedding ceremony a monk chants the wedding prayer





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