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audio recordings that evoke the country, the people and their languages and the diversity of the music of the ethnic cultures



streets and markets



one of the noisiest things on the streets in Thai towns 1.3 MB
busy city street anyone over 5 rides a motorbike so the streets are rarely quiet 533k

busy village street

fruit seller   258k
food stall   135k
customers buying   141k
open air seafood restaurant the roar of traffic and the shouts of customers are drowned by the birds roosting in the trees 152k
indoor market   226k
central market   281k
market traders men selling fruit and milk use bells and other noises in Bangkok's Klong Toey market 1.1MB
street musicians a blind flute player near the river 988k
street musicians a fiddle player in Klong Toey market 919k
musical instrument stall a stallholder in Chatuchak market demonstrates the instruments against a background of traffic 3.4MB
a walk through the park the musical clock, joggers, chess players and a ballroom dancing class in Lumphini Park 1.1MB






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