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audio recordings that evoke the country, the people and their languages and the diversity of the music of the ethnic cultures



Thai language


Thai announcements    

Bangkok airport

announcements over the public address system 924k
railway station details of trains leaving Chiang Mai for Bangkok 163k

election announcement 1

a van gives details of forthcoming local elections 341k
election announcement 2 broadcast over the sound system of the village temple 1.5MB
school prize day  


supermarket promotion young coconuts are the special of the day 90k
automatic phone messages what you hear when you call a mobile off, bank, hospital etc 1.6MB
Bangkok's Skytrain take a quick journey on the overhead trains 1.4MB
Bangkok's metro take a quick journey on the underground 1.4MB
Thai radio    
news item a baby seal has been born in Chiang Mai zoo 2.58MB
promotions 1 'Buy Thai' campaign 723k
promotions 2 drugs campaigns 731k
promotions 3 environmental protection 438k
promotions 4 no smoking day 379k
weather forecast   1.62MB
news headlines   416k
advert an elephant camp 317k
other Thai language    
army radio the Burmese border is bristling with military- this is what your hear on their two way radio 395k
restaurant talk Waen on the petrol price increases 1.35MB
train passengers it's difficult not to overhear the phone conversations of other passengers


fortune teller an elderly lady lists my problems and hints at the future


  Northern Thai    

farmers chat

two farmers discuss their problems 1.4 MB
  learning northern Thai common words and phrases 815k


  radio advert promoting the use of 'kham meuang' 557k



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