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thai music



village party

no party is complete without a mini-skirted singer, keyboard player and 2,000 watt speakers 867k
  New Year Party villagers celebrate with a country music band 162k

morning practice

an old man practises a saw (two stringed instrument)  while the rest of the village is preparing for the day 677k
  procession drums, gong and cymbals accompany a procession to the temple 1.6 MB
  temple procession another procession with drums, cymbals and shawm


  children's traditional band stringed instruments with flute, drum and cymbals playing in the grounds of a temple in Lamphun 819k

band featuring saw the teacher leads the ensemble on the smallest saw 1.07MB
trio in Lamphun temple saw, krachabpee and drum


Northern folk song 'Girl from San Khamphaeng', a modern 'kham meuang' song sung at a Loi Krathong party 1.6MB
another Northern folk song 'kham meauang' song performed at a parade 1MB
Thai string instruments hammered dulcimer (khim) and krachabpee   1.3MB
Thai string instruments saw and khim (3 pieces played ina hotel lobby) 1.3MB
Thai string instruments long zither (chakhay) and khim 1.8MB
traditional dance music band has two xylophones (ranaat), drum and small cymbal; the dancers provide the chorus; recorded at Bangkok's Erawan shrine 1.1MB
street musicians a blind flute player near the river 988k
street musicians a fiddle player in Klong Toey market 919k
musical instrument stall the stallholder demonstrates some Issan instruments: the khene (badly), xylophone and plucked phin (electric and acoustic) 3.4MB
  school band hilltribes children play classical Thai music in Mae Hong Son 861k

procession to temple near Doi Saket



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