sounds of Thailand




audio recordings that evoke the country, the people and their languages and the diversity of the music of the ethnic cultures



nature and wildlife





three of the most creative song birds 1.7 MB
calls a variety of hoots, squawks and whistles 980k
a virtuoso the spot-throated babbler can go on for hours 896k
lowland chorus dawn breaks at a temple surrounded by forest 1.5MB
highland chorus some of the typical birds found over 1000m. 1.1MB
crickets stridulators provide a rhythm section 290k
cicadas cicadas emit their varied calls from dawn to dusk with some of the eeriest coming after nightfall


other wildlife    
frogs the rainy season always brings a nightly chorus of frogs  
gibbons early morning calls echo across the valleys


barking deer family members call to each other at night 448k
squirrels a mixture of grunts and bird-like whistles 488k
forest gecko typically a stuttering start builds up in a crescendo then tails off 101k
forest at dawn a chorus of gibbons, wild peafowl, deer, insects and a few birds 1.3MB
forest at night the forest is taken over by insects and frogs with the occasional owl 1.5MB
elephant the only one I've found outside an elephant camp 87k
Thai wildlife in conservation centres thanks to the Thai Society for the Conservation of Wild Animals for making these possible  
  elephant elephants trumpet mostly when excited 96k
macaques aggressive little things 137k
banteng native cow 209k
black bear an extraordinary song 500k
clouded leopard sounds like a bird at times 515k
otter listen to him gobbling up some fish 149k
tiger wow, this was too close for comfort 188k
binturong a small group squabbling as meal time approaches 1.2MB

forest temple at Chiang Dao



mountain stream

many streams dry up in the hot season- this was the start of the rainy season 294k
stream and birds a silver-eared meesia is singing by the stream 310k
rain storm leaves in the forest are battered by the sudden downpour 164k

distant thunder in the mountains

late afternoon storms are common during the rainy season 1.5MB
tropical storm I was glad to be in the house when this one came 940k



Thailand's natural world, birds and other wildlife      Thai music    sounds of everyday Thai life   

music of Thailand's ethnic cultures





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