what's in thaisounds


sounds of Thailand     




audio recordings that evoke the country, the people and their languages and the diversity of the music of the ethnic cultures






Thailand's natural world, birds and other wildlife


birds, monkeys, cicadas, deer, squirrels, insects, elephants, geckos, dawn chorus, forest at night




streams, rain, thunder






sounds of everyday Thai life 


tuk-tuks, city crowds and traffic, markets and market traders, open air restaurants, school playgrounds, street musicians




monks chanting, temple bells, drums, chimes, festive processions, funerals




thai boxing, football matches, New Year celebrations



out and about

children playing and at school, household noises, sounds you hear when traveling by boat, plane and train and other sounds of everyday life collected in Northern Thailand



Thai language

spontaneous conversation, speeches, airport announcements, radio broadcasts, weather forecasts, news headlines, Northern Thai, Issan Thai



ethnic languages

some examples of natural speech in ceremonies and spontaneous conversation






Thai music

Thai music

Thai country music, processions, traditional Thai instruments and ensembles recorded in the street, in temples and at parties




music of Thailand's ethnic cultures

ethnic music

field recordings of the songs and musical instruments of Thailand's many hill tribes and minority cultures



I have now released four albums of field recordings of music of the ethnic cultures through Believe which can be sampled and  bought on the sites of several major distributors. Links for the Believe player are shown below.


Thailand's natural world, birds and other wildlife      Thai music    sounds of everyday Thai life   

music of Thailand's ethnic cultures


you should be listening to a sample of some recordings you will find on this website

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